Brig. TPS Chowdhury worked as the Secretary in the Organizing Committee of the ARFI (Adventure Racing Federation of India) covering Adventure Sports like Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking, Trekking and Trail Running in India. Organized the 1st International Adventure Racing Competition in Leh-Ladakh, from 24-28 September 2016, in which Ten Indian Teams and 6 International Teams (of 4 Competitors each) took part, covering a total distance of 350 Kms. The event was a big success.

Organized the National Adventure Racing Competition ahead of Shimla (HP) from 29-31 March 2017, in which Five National Teams took part, covering Mountain Biking, Trekking and Trail Running.

Awarded the 'Yachtsman of the Year Trophy 1987' by the Yachting Association of India for participation in the First Indian Sailing Expedition around the World from 28 Sep 1985 to 10 Jan1987.

Awarded the 1987 Award of Merit by the Ocean Cruising Club UK, for participation in the First Indian Sailing Expedition around the World.

Awarded the Ocean Cruising Club 1987 Medal by the Ocean Cruising Club, UK, for the First Indian Sailing Expedition Around the World, in Yacht Trishna.

Written a Book 'Adventure Sports' - Containing details of 28 Adventure Sports/Activities, which can be done in India.

Was the Leader, Team Manager and Crew of the First Indian Sailing Expedition around the World, which sailed 30,000 nautical miles (54000 Kms) in 15 months, creating sailing history in India. The route covered was Mumbai - around the Cape of Good Hope - Brazil - Surinam - Guyanna - Port of Spain - Panama - Galapagos - Nuku Hiva - Tahiti - Moorea - Rarotonga - Fiji - New Zealand - Australia - Indonesia - Singapore - Nicobar - Sri Lanka - Mumbai.

Bought a 37 Feet Fibre glass Yacht TRISHNA from UK. As the Team Manager and Crew, sailed her from UK to Mumbai in 1984-1985. This was the first time that any Indians have sailed the complete distance from UK to Mumbai, a distance of 7700 nautical miles (14000 Kms.)

Leader of three Sailing Expeditions from Mumbai to Singapore and back; Mumbai to Dubai, Seychelles, Male, Sri Lanka to Mumbai; and Mumbai to Singapore; and back, to catch the first rays of the Sun in the new Millennium 2000.

Have done White Water Rafting all over India, Hang Gliding, Para Sailing, Jet Water Skiing, Water Skiing, Trekking, Mountaineering, Cycle Rallies, Rowing, Ocean Cruising in many Yachts, Gliding, Motor Boat Speed Racing and other adventure sports.

Was a National Judge in the International Water Rafting and Canoeing Competitions held in 2000, upstream of Rishikesh on the Ganges.

Was a National Judge at the National Sailing and Rowing Competitions held at Bhopal in 1999 and 2000.

Have played at School level, NDA, IMA and Regimental Level, most of the Sports. Excelled in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basket Ball, Boxing, Gliding, Yachting & Rowing.