Founder Hike'n sailing, certified tour guide

I am the founder and guide of the Hike'n sailing senior. Studied Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I have 29 years experience in the adventure travel industry and I see myself as a happy minority member because I love to do this passionately. I like to design new routes. I have participated in 3 biodiversity programs and developed a passion for photograpy of gray flowers and share my photos on I like to hike, kayak, photograph, eat, eat, history and politics.

I started to lead trekking trips to Mount Ararat and the Kackar Mountains in 80s. This became the reason to give up my engineering career. I became a certified professional guide and then started my own travel company called Hike'n Sail in Turkey in the 90s. I was one of the lucky guides who had the opportunity to participate bio-diversity training programs in Kackar National Park and the Termessos National Park, organized by TUBITAK. These were life changing experiences. I had the honor to meet some of the most prestigous scientists of Turkey, such as Prof. Ali Demirsoy, Prof. Tuna Ekim, Ass. Prof. Sancar Ozaner and others. This is how my ambition for wildflower photography began. Then on the business side, my company started to organize trips for Alpine Garden Society. This time I had the chance to travel with the experts and members of this elit organization and I learnt a great deal from them, in particular from Bob & Rannveig Wallis who are great experts and leaders. On this website, I satisfy my desire to share my wildflower photos with flora enthusiasts and friends.

I love beeing out in the nature, at high altitudes, away from the madding crowds and do not bother anything else. Modern life creates the impression that the individual's life is too much of a big deal. We put the human being in the center of the universe and have the dillusion that everything alse is created for us. What a tragic mistake. Understanding bio-divercity is a great way of understanding life and one's place and role in the universe. I think spending time in nature is an ideal exercise for personal improvement.